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Data Strategy

Align data strategy to the business needs to prioritise business goals and the data capabilities required to reach them:

  • Data Strategy Assessment - "As Is"

  • Business Requirements including compliance & security assurance

  • Define a Transformation Roadmap

Data Transformation


Understanding the goal of a data transformation prioritises the roadmap and defines the key programmes of work to support the employees. Working with the target operating model, map out the major deliverables needed and their dependencies.






Provide Data Subject Matter Expertise from strategy, operational capabilities, business processes, management & governance processes to realise benefits from the asset.

Customer Centric


Key focus with new regulatory pressures such as GDPR, is to understand both customer and employee data together with associated business & operational processes.

Analytics & Reporting


Once your data is understood and agreed from the board on derivations and business rules, both analytics, referencibility & reporting structures become trusted and shared across the organisation. With requirements known, solutions can be applied e.g. Big Data

Compliant Data


Data needs appropriate management from a security & privacy aspect. Once data is defined and access rights agreed then relative privileges can be wrapped around the data processes and analysis.

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